Jung Family Vacation in Grand Beach, Michigan – Day 1

It was a bit of an impromptu idea, but my family decided that we were going to do a quick weekend vacation out to Michigan this weekend. We enjoyed ourselves a lot last year, when we hung out in Sawyer, and Liz and I have come back several times since. With SW Michigan only being maybe an hour or so from the city, it’s a surprising and remarkably fast drive (barring any serious traffic).

Inside the rental house. It was composed of about 3 different tiers, with the kitchen, and dining/living rooms set up on the ground floor.

Stairs up to the next level.

TV room, with a lot of comfy chairs and couches. While we ate all our meals downstairs and hung out with the kids in the living room there, the adults mostly spent the late nights here watching movies.

Looking up to the top level, where there were two bedrooms and two bathrooms. On the second tier, there was yet another bedroom with an outdoor area that had tons of beds. This place could house a small army, if necessary.

The downstairs dining area, right off the kitchen. There was also a nice seating area outside, grill, and a small garage with its own golf cart.

Many of the homes in the area had their own golf carts, to aid with getting to and from the beach access points. One huge bonus with this house is that through our rental, we were given access to the private neighborhood beach. Though there were others in the neighborhood that also used the same area, it was definitely less crowded than the Warren Dunes. And the access was close enough to walk to really easily.

Marinading some food and prepping dessert early. L to R it’s my mom, Stacey, Jasmine and Liz.

Jasmine, helping out with prepping the Blueberry Crumble.

After dinner, we set out for a sunset stroll along the beach.

My mom and dad.

Me and Liz and my curly hair.

The shadows are getting long. Time to head home…

Jung Family Vacation in Sawyer, Michigan
Grillable Dessert: Blueberry Crumble

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