Jung Family Vacation in Grand Beach, Michigan – Day 2

Our second day was a pretty lazy one, with us having a leisurely breakfast and lounging around the house until around noon. The bulk of our day was spent on the beach, playing in the sand and water.

A fun bit of the morning: my mom and I were showing Jasmine and Jahnu how to make paper boats out of paper. My mom had a really cool style of paper boats that she could make, which ended up being a bit more seaworthy than my approach.

With us spending so much time working on boats, I decided to bring along one of the kids’ Mobil toys to the beach with us. In my head, I was going to dig a pretty big canal/waterway in the sand.

This… looked a lot better in my mind, than it did in execution. Although to be fair, this photo was taken a good while after the waves had kind of broken things down. My original idea was to have a big pit area, with a huge moat circling around it.

But all we ended up having was a cheapo plastic shovel. Note to self: bring a serious shovel next time we go to the beach. For reals.

This was more of an alcove, with a small sloping driveway leading in to it. By placing the toy rowboat at the edge, the waves would end up pushing it down the hill and into the main alcove area. It was really pretty neat, to be honest. If I had a serious shovel, I fear I could have stayed out there all day.

Sadly, with additional water coming in… the sides of our structures would get weaker, and there would be many cave-ins.

My sister with Jasmine and my dad. The rocks along the shore are actually pretty unpleasant… but if you can make it past the first 10-15 feet or so, the rocks stop and it’s all sand. There’s also a decent sandbar out near where the buoy is.

I’m happy to report that Jahnu was really adventurous, and donned a lifejacket to go out to the sandbar with Jasmine and the rest of the adults.

Jahnu and Shane, digging away.

This is actually from the next day. In the morning around 9AM, we spotted a mother doe and her youngster, scampering between the houses. Pretty cool.

And as a funny aside, this is the creepy photo that was in our bedroom. When I first saw it on Friday night, I had this moment where I got kind of creeped out. Faceless anythings are pretty unnerving, but faceless kids get a few extra points on the scale.

My immediate thought was of that creepy painting from The Cabin in the Woods. I opted not to mention the painting to Liz, for fear that it might cause her to get weirded out as well.

Luckily, nothing bad happened due to the painting. We slept pretty well both nights, and I’m mostly certain my soul wasn’t eaten… so that’s a plus.

I found a photo of three kids in one of the bathrooms, the day after we arrived. So in seeing that, the painting was actually quite nice and touching. But the first night, without any context, was a little weird.

I realized I took way fewer pictures than normal this weekend, which I guess is a good sign that I was enjoying hanging out more than I was documenting. We had a fun late-night excursion to Oink’s Ice Cream and Yogurt on Saturday night, which I’ll try to get photos of next time we’re there.

Given how often we’ve hit up Michigan this year… I see it fast being our favorite family vacation spot.

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