Happy 102nd Birthday, Grandma Phoebe – Part 2

I didn’t take a ton of photos today – so mostly these are a smattering of moments, throughout the day. Prior to the big get-together, the cousins gathered at nearby Holiday Park for an impromptu picnic.

Later, at the restaurant. My cousin Jenny is the unofficial photographer for our family.

Lots of folks lining up to wish Grandma Phoebe a happy birthday, and to have a photo taken.

Our family, posing with grandma.

More folks posing for photos. This process is incredibly time-consuming, and seems to last just as long as the meal!

Me and Liz, with grandma Phoebe.

At Stacey and Shane’s, after dinner with just the cousins. Jordan, checking out a candle lantern.

Jahnu, peeking under the hood.

Shane, about to release the lantern in to the sky.

Garret and Shane, having some drinks in the kitchen.

All of the cousins, hanging out in the living room.

We Asians sure like our electronic devices. But you know what we like better? Spaceteam!

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