Bunny Rabbit Speed Dating: Quincy Returns to Red Door Animal Shelter

On Wednesday evening, Liz and I headed back to Red Door, this time with Quincy along with us. We got word that despite his E Cuniculi, Quincy was given the ok to visit with both the EC and non-EC bunnies – which meant things worked out in every possible way.

We had a good list of possible matches, and it would be up to Quincy to determine who he got along best with. And the way you go about determining something like this is… with some speed dates!

Liz, hanging out with Quincy as he gets accustomed to the new environment. Funny enough we found Quincy here almost four years ago, when he was the best match for Baxter, when she was here for some speed dates.

Liz, watching over Gum Drop right before the introduction.

The last time we were here, we learned that so long as the rabbits weren’t attacking one another… it was a good sign. The fact that both rabbits tolerated each other was seen as a positive, so indifference is actually a good thing when they’re both in such a closed, shared space.

Gum Drop was really energetic the entire time. While there was no out and out animosity or fighting, unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of attention paid either.

Well, there was some butt sniffing. But beyond that, Gum Drop was kind of like “whatever,” and did her own thing.

Zelda was a bit more inquisitive, and… also interested in the butt. She more than any other rabbit paid the most attention to Quincy, and actually groomed him a little bit.

Face to face. Liz and I refer to Quincy as the “old man bun,” as he’s up there in years. But he’s also one incredibly stubborn rabbit. In terms of grooming, the dominant rabbit is always the one who is groomed by the subordinate – and Quincy was always competing with Baxter to see who would be grooming the other.

Most days, it was a race to see who could shove their face lower, beneath the other’s. And on this speed date was no exception – Quincy kept lowering his head with everyone, expecting to be groomed. I likened him to a senior citizen holding out a tumbler full of ice, waiting for someone to fill it with scotch.

And here’s Cowboy, our favorite of the bunch. Also… sniffing on the butt. I don’t know if Quincy dashed some cologne back there or what, but everyone seemed interested in the back side.

Both rabbits got along really well, and Quincy was at this point in the evening pretty relaxed. Or exhausted. Hard to tell, given how laid back he is.

Several of the staffers at Red Door commented on how subdued and relaxed the dates were. In some cases, the rabbits got into serious fights with one another (hence the presence of a staff member inside the pen, breaking up fights like a referee). Luckily for us, Jeremy (one of the staffers there) hung out with us for a good portion of the evening, keeping the rabbits separated when need be and also calming them down when necessary. He was pretty great.

Buddies, side by side. Soon after this, we decided we would be taking Cowboy home with us.

Back in our apartment, in a new pen area just outside the sun room. Liz picked a pretty ideal location, as both rabbits can see each other, but they have enough space to hide from one another if they want.

Over the next few days, we’ll be slowly introducing them to one another… and hopefully they’ll begin the bonding process. We’ll be doing all the standard tricks: putting them in enclosed spaces together like the hallway, the bed, and possibly even taking them for a car ride.

Stay tuned.

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  1. YAY Bunnies! I’ve already done the second bonding session and they’ve already begun grooming each other. If all goes well, we may have fully bonded bunnies by Sunday; which is crazy fast!!!

    Cowboy rocks…as does Quincy of course. :)

    Liz Reply

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