Office Cleaning Day: Before and After

Liz and I made a plan to work on cleaning up our office this weekend. Though it’s the start of a long weekend for us, we decided the office needed some cleaning attention. Or rather, as Liz put it, we needed to stop having the office be “a shame room.”

Though I briefly tried to weasel my way out of the agreed-upon cleaning day… I did finally get a good momentum going (helped out a bit, with my first cup of coffee in over two weeks).

// Note: Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what separates us from the animals.

// Note #2: Except the weasel.

Here’s a shot of the office, in the midst of our cleaning. I had a lot of junk piled up in front of the bookshelves, and it was all a pretty big mess. We ended up filling one large garbage bag full of papers, and one large garbage bag full of trash.

And the room, post-cleaning. Though it took the better part of the day, it’s definitely nice to have so much floor space again. The room feels much more open, and less frantic.

Let’s just… ignore that pile of papers on the radiator. That’s nothing. Doesn’t the room look great?

A Strange Compulsion to Clean
Cleaning Up the Office, 2005


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