New Project and Logo: Augur

This weekend, I’ve been working pretty consistently on an iPhone app idea using PhoneGap. It’s been touch and go, but making decent progress at a fairly respectable pace.

I spent the better part of one day, noodling around with a logo design. I say logo, but I really can’t design logos at all – it’s more like I’ll just find a type face, and change a letter or two (usually just color). Maybe futz with the character spacing some.

The app I’m tentatively titling augur and it’s a Twitter-based app. The name kind of arrived one day out of the blue, and it’s kind of perfect. I realize the “g” looks a lot like a “q”, but I’m rolling with this as-is despite the visual noise there. The “g” is highlighted to make it look like a lituus, which was a ritual wand used by augurs in Roman times.

Posting this here mostly because it’s been a busy weekend in front of the computer, with not a lot to show for it (yet). Slow and steady – one of these days, I’m going to have an app to share with you all.

Soon soon.


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