Eric and the Girl with the Green Bike: New Wave Coffee, Logan Square

Walking to work, I spotted one of two hand-written notes taped right outside the entrance of New Wave Coffee. The note reads:

ERIC – Thanks for the sweet note you left on my bicycle this past Sunday evening outside of New wave.

Meet me for coffee at New Wave this Sunday, 8PM?

– A “ridiculously cute” girl with a green bike

It’s nice to see a lovely note like this, particularly when all the other relationship-related signs nearby aren’t all that positive.

I last saw this kind of note over ten years ago, posted all along North Avenue. I was so interested in the outcome, I even went so far as to make my own follow-up signs, hoping to get some kind of closure.

Sadly, I never learned whether Janeen and Jason found one another. Here’s hoping Eric and the girl with the green bike end up meeting for that coffee.

Found Note
I Need Closure!

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  1. if there’s no closure this time around felix, i dont know what i’l do…

    peabe Reply

    • I’m still wondering about Jason/Janeen. They could have kindergartners by now…

      avoision Reply

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