Disarm: Converting Decommissioned Weapons into Mechanized Musical Instruments, by Pedro Reyes

Disarm is an exhibit by sculptor Pedro Reyes, transforming decommissioned weapons into musical instruments. Extending a prior project where he converted over 1,000 guns into shovels, Reyes brings new life to these devices that were (once upon a time) designed to take lives.

I originally started the documentary, thinking I wouldn’t watch all the way through… but then immediately go sucked into the story. Though it’s a bit longer, it’s definitely worth checking out if you can. There are a lot of great, quotable moments… but one of my favorites is:

Technology is neither good nor bad. It all depends on how you use it.

At first, I thought that Reyes had done all the work himself on this project. As the story from the video unfolds, I learned that he partnered with a lot of other people – a tech company called Cocolab, as well as actual musicians and an electronic music producer. In addition to the political component to the project, it’s also a testament to collaboration – and how none of the individuals could have created the exhibit without the input and expertise of the others.

[via Colossal]

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