Eric and the Girl with the Green Bike: Trying to Get a Little Closure

Last week, I spotted a few notes taped up outside of New Wave Coffee, where a girl with a green bike was looking for a boy named Eric. Every day thereafter, on my way to and from work, I’d catch a glimpse of this message – and wonder if the two of them would end up meeting.

Last night, if the girl’s message found its way to Eric, I suppose the two of them met for coffee. I’m assuming/hoping they did, but I don’t really know for sure. So I decided to make a note of my own:

I figured, I did my part and helped share the message (on here, and on Twitter). So why not take a chance, and ask for a little closure.

The original and my reply, side by side.

I guess we’ll see what happens. Maybe one or both of them will get in touch with me, and I can find out what the deal was. Did they hit it off? Did they have absolutely nothing in common (besides coffee that is)? Are they going to see each other again?

The last time I attempted this was maybe ten years ago, when I found a note in Wicker Park and tried to follow-up on my own. I never did hear how things turned out for Jason/Janeen, but maybe I’ll get lucky this time around… and someone will find my note.

Eric and the Girl with the Green Bike: New Wave Coffee, Logan Square
Found Note, Wicker Park
I Need Closure!

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