Outdoor, Indoor, Outdoor Picnic Along Logan Boulevard

With the weather slowly turning to autumn, Liz and I decided it would be good to have some folks over to hang out along the boulevard (while we still can).

The goal was to have an informal get-together, where folks could take advantage of the nearby Logan Square Famer’s Market. We’d provide some drinks and light snacks, and the market would provide the rest (tons of great food nearby).

We made plans about a week or so ago, but the weather was looking pretty sketchy (with some serious thunderstorms on Saturday). Circa 8:00 AM this morning, I was convinced that the ground was too wet for us to hang out outside… so we had already set up an indoor picnic area in our living room.

By the time 10:30 AM rolled around, we decided it would be better to relocate outside. So we quickly started packing things up to have a for-real picnic outside.

L to R it’s Meg, Michelle, Mike, Mel, Tasha, Alexandra, and Jen.

We spent most of the day just lounging outside with friends. The weather was actually quite nice (great in the sunlight, and a little brisk when the sun was behind the clouds). All in all, a great way to bring in the Fall weather.

Logan Square Farmer’s Market 2013: First Day, Bell Ringing

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