Come See Me at 20×2 Chicago: How Could You?

Guys – I’m going to be taking part in an event called 20×2, which will take place at Martyr’s on Saturday, October 19th. I’ll be taking the stage with a bunch of really cool speakers, and I promise you it’ll be a ton of fun – consider this an official invitation!

20×2 is an event where 20 creatives are brought together, and each person tasked with answering the same question in only two minutes. The question changes, event to event, but the format remains the same: speakers are given free rein as to how they choose to answer the prompt: some use multimedia, others create songs – each presenter approaches the question in a different way.

The event has primarily taken place at SXSW, but has made one-off stops in other cities in the past. What’s interesting is that the organizers have decided to make Chicago a permanent satellite show! I’m quite flattered to be included in the inaugural event, and very much looking forward to the show.

I got my first chance to participate in 20×2 a few years ago, when the show came to Chicago in 2010. If you’re curious what a 20×2 event will be like, you can check out my photo/video recap: 20×2 Chicago: Who Knew?

I had an absolute blast, and am looking forward to doing this event again. There are 19 other speakers, many of whom have some pretty killer backgrounds and day jobs. Here’s a list of everyone speaking:

Molly Adams (radio host)
Brandy Agerbeck (graphic facilitator)
Craighton Berman (designer)
Chris Courtney (tribune)
Jasmine Davila (blogger)
Steve Delahoyde (filmmaker)
Marcus Gilmer (journalist)
GPA (poet)
Maggie Jenkins (comedian/runner)
Leah Jones (olson pr)
Britt Julious (writer)
Felix Jung (hey, that’s me!)
Anne Elizabeth Moore (artist/writer)
Daniel X. O’Neil (smart chicago collaborative)
Amaya Pawar (alderman)
Jenni Prokopy (chronicbabe)
Jenn Rourke (abc7chicago)
Scott Smith (our man in chicago)
Megan Stielstra (storyteller)
Marissa Wasseluk (community media workshop)

Event Details
Saturday, October 19th, 2013
Martyr’s3855 N. Lincoln Ave.
7:00 PM (Doors open at 6:30 PM)
Tickets: $10 (Buy tickets online)
Official website

If you’re around, please consider swinging by. It’s going to be a fun night!

20×2 Chicago: Who Knew?
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