Many Medications

Since the rabbits came back from their vet visit last week, they’re on a few more medications (for a brief while). Though the mornings aren’t so bad, the evenings end up being an involved process where we have several different meds to line up for each bun.

Thankfully, most of this stuff smells pretty good – so they’re mostly excited when it comes time for the meds. Quincy is on the most, though he is quite a bit older (and it’s to be expected). We’ll reduce the medication by about three or four in the next week or two.

Phineas is an odd bird, in that he’s not so keen on the meds. He’s pretty timid around the syringes, and mostly will just lick at them… so it takes forever. In the mornings, it’s a small bit of wrestling to try to get him to take his meds before he settles in to his breakfast.

Ah well – it’s all worth it to keep them hale and healthy, and hopping about:

Giving Medication to the Bunny Rabbits
Trying to Weigh Quincy the Rabbit

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