Apple Pies in Frankfort

On my way to helping Bob with the furnace, I stopped by Frankfort to drop Liz off at her parents’ house. They have an annual tradition of making apple pies, and Liz was going to be joining her mom, Katie, and Savannah and prepping up a ton of pies.

Julie, with Savannah in the background, getting some homemade crust ready.

Katie and Savannah, hard at work.

Liz with her mom.

That. Is a lot of pies.

Total pie count: 22. I think Katie took 5 with her, and we ended up taking three (though we might grab a few more, the next time we’re in Frankfort). These things go in the freezer, and keep remarkably well (you can just pop them, frozen, right into the oven).

While Bob and I were working on installing a new furnace, the ladies were hard at work cranking out pies. Difficult to say who ended up doing more work this weekend.

Making Apple Pies, Frankfort, IL
Apple Pie and Fancy Gadgetry

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