Logan Square Apartment for Rent, Logan Boulevard and Sacramento

It saddens me to say this, but Liz and I will be leaving our fantastic apartment in Logan Square. It’s a wonderful space, and by far one of the nicest apartments I’ve lived in in Chicago.

Located near Logan Boulevard and Sacrmento, the apartment is 1400+ square feet, has two bedrooms, a sun room, and tons of windows that overlook the building’s (kinda famous) courtyard as well as Logan Boulevard proper. Prior to us moving in in 2010, the entire apartment had been completely renovated, so everything inside is new. There are tons of closest, and each one has tons of shelving pre-installed. Heat is free, and in the summertime the landlord provides (and installs) AC units for free.

It’s a short walk to the Blue Line, and an even closer walk to such nearby spots like New Wave Coffee, La Boulangerie, Longman & Eagle, Lula Cafe, and other great restaurants/bars along Milwaukee.

Even better – the Logan Square Farmers Market is literally a block away, making it ridiculously easy to get fresh veggies and pastries when the market is in season.

For more info, check out the official Craigslist post. Or call 773-525-4343 for details.

The living and dining rooms are open and connected to one another.

Dining room, looking into the living room.

Brand new kitchen. This was all newly renovated and updated, prior to us moving in in 2010.

Walk in pantry with fridge on the left, hallway leading to main entryway on the right.

Another view of the kitchen.

Sunroom view (with Phineas helping to show the place off).

All rooms have (free) radiator heat.

Another view of the sun room.

Office, looking in towards the sun room.

Office view, looking out towards the hallway/bathroom.

Office view, windows overlook the (kinda famous) courtyard.

Bathroom view.

Additional bathroom view.

Main bedroom.

Another view of the bedroom.

Bedroom looking out to hallway.

I don’t know if my photos really do the size of the space justice. You can check out the official Craigslist post for more pics, or browse around below for some additional photos.

If you’re looking to move to Logan Square, the locatio of this apartment is just ideal. All the great nearby shops are within a stone’s throw, close access to the CTA and to the highway, and Logan Boulevard is basically your front yard.

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New Apartment, Day 1
Painting the Dining Room
Ringing in the New Year, From the Couch
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  1. Sooooooo, have I missed something? Where are y’all moving?

    Mellzah Reply

    • Nothing official just yet, so we’ve been keeping mum. More news very soon.

      avoision Reply

  2. I am currently re-apartment hunting (from my couch across the Boulevard, actually!) and drooling over this place! I wish it were still available. I’m going to walk over to this building tomorrow to see if there are OTHER units up for grabs once my lease runs up at the end of May. ::fist shaking at timing::

    Molly Reply

    • Hi Molly – it was a very gorgeous apartment, and we were very sad to leave Logan Square after so many years.

      I don’t believe our specific apartment is available any more, but you can try the number (above) and see if other units are available.

      avoision Reply

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