Music Video With Over 4,000 Photos – The Paper Kites: Young

Young, a music video for the band The Paper Kites combines over 4,000 photographs into a perfectly-synced stop-motion animation. Shot over 7 days, over 350 individuals were meticulously posed and combined to create the awesome effect.

It’s funny how, despite all the differences in hair styles and clothes, I find myself locking eyes with everyone almost immediately. It’s almost a magnetic feeling, where you feel drawn to everyone’s eyes so that you can better “see” everyone as they flash by.

I’d recommend listening/watching the video all the way through, if you can. Although it’s tough to resist stopping and starting throughout, as it’s pretty amazing just how many people were involved in this thing.

[via MetaFilter]

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  1. Super cool effect but it makes me SO dizzy.

    Ben Reply

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