The Wolf Among Us: Video Game Based On the Fables Comic Book by Bill Willingham

I was randomly browsing around on Steam last night, and happened to come across an amazing find: there’s a video game based off of the comic Fables! It’s called The Wolf Among Us and is created by Telltale Games (the same folks who created Poker Night at the Inventory).

They’re billing it as a season premiere, which is an interesting approach promising connected games that play out like a television show – a total of five different episodes will comprise one “season.” Additionally, the game will have a lot of decision-based mechanics, where choices you make will (purportedly) influence elements in the game – promising that one person’s experience with the game will be different from another’s. I like the fact that they will be pressuring players to make these types of decisions quickly, “reflecting the pressures of real-world decision-making,” but I’m cautiously optimistic whenever someone touts decision-based games offering up truly different outcomes.

I’ve long been a fan of this series, ever since Ben got me hooked on it. The first trade paperback volume wasn’t all that great, starting out… but after that, the stories really take off and are simply fantastic. I can’t recommend the series enough.

As excited as I am by the existence of this game though… I’m still curious how it actually plays. Most of the trailer (while visually stunning and true to the comic) seems to be all cinematics. I have no idea what the actual game itself looks like.

Also – I’m not sure how interesting this game would be to those not already familiar with the comic. Watching this trailer, the storyline seems a little ‘meh’ to me. But because I’m so into the characters and the world, I’m incredibly jazzed to see Bigby and others in an environment that’s beyond the page. For someone unaccustomed to Fabletown and its host of inhabitants… would this game have the same draw?

I don’t think it’s a question of whether or not I’ll buy this game, but mostly one of platform. I could easily see buying this on Steam, but maybe I’ll wait and get it on the PS3 so that Liz and I can play together. I might have found a game, besides Uncharted that she might actually like!

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  1. Well man, let me tell you, Telltale games are really into making games that are faithful to the source material. The Walking Dead game they made won Game of the Year because of that AND its awesome story. And as a BIG Walking Dead fan i can tell you, episode 1 of The Wolf Among Us is even BETTER than the first Walking Dead game episode(and that is saying a LOT). I honestly doubt it will beat WD in terms of story, but damn, i have never read a Fables comic and yet i got hooked just by playing the game. Bigby Wolf is an awesome protagonist and the characters and the lore are explored in a way to please both newcomers and long-term fans such as yourself. And unlike movies based on comics(cough Avengers cough) this might actually increase the sales of the comic book. Hell, i actually consider buying the first Fables volume and im really more of a Spawn/Walking Dead type of guy.
    Not to mention i live in Bulgaria, and comics are really nowhere to be seen in this country.

    Definetly buy the game, its worth every penny.

    Nekrocop Reply

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