We’re Buying a House – We’re Moving to Hyde Park

So this is the big news: Liz and I have bought a house, and we’re going to be moving to Hyde Park! We’ve kept things pretty quiet up until now, but we are in the final, final stages – we close on October 30th, in a week’s time.

We’ve visited the area previously, and liked what we saw when we were walking around. And when a house in our price range came on the market – we acted quickly, and made a strong offer. The house is older (from 1885) and definitely needs some updating and a lot of work… but it’s a great house, in a great location, and holy crap… we’re buying a house.

I’ll be honest – I’m half-exhilarated and half-terrified, in equal measure. There are, and will be, a lot of things I’m unfamiliar with and will need to learn quickly, as related to home maintenance. There’s a whole new neighborhood to learn and explore. It is going to be such an incredible adventure and next step, and I can’t imagine anyone else besides my lovely wife at my side for this next big chapter in our lives.

I’m also immeasurably lucky to have my father-in-law, Bob, willing to help us with a lot of the initial repairs. I know so very little about repairs and maintenance, but Bob has insisted that he can help us on our feet. With his patience and experience, I look forward to learning from his guidance and bringing this house back to life.

Interesting side note – in her researching the history of the house, Liz found this sketch of the place. Amazing how different it looked, versus now. Perhaps, given enough time and money, we can bring it back to its former glory.

Oh man, there’s just so much to say about everything we’re feeling and planning right now. Things are chaotic as can be, and I’m finding myself on a roller coaster of emotions, day to day. I think I have more planning to do, and more timelines will help settle my nerves a little bit – because things feel a little up in the air still. But I also know I need to relax and settle in a bit more, too. That this house will be a long process, and that it’s alright to take things slowly.

I think I’m a worrier by nature, and at times that gets the better of me. So let me close this post with some of the things I’m excited by. The house has an awesome room that we plan on using as a shared office. We’ve got a huge yard in back (that needs a lot of help, but it’s massive). And there’s a ton of development happening nearby, along 53rd Street – with some great upcoming restaurants we’re looking forward to: The Promontory, and two restaurants by Matthias Merges (A10 and Yusho).

A lot of things are going to be happening, many of them terribly new, in the next few weeks. Wish us luck!

Meeting Seth
Random Images From Hyde Park

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  1. Awesome! Love that sketch too!

    Ben Reply

  2. That place looks AMAZING! So much character. I love it, man. I’m so excited for you and Liz! And I can tell that blue on the front of the house was a big selling point for Liz :)

    Good luck with all the moving and packing and home-owning adventures!

    Chris Reply

    • That’s why be bought it! heh

      Liz Reply

      • True. In fact, we haven’t even looked inside yet. I’m guessing it’s fine in there.

        avoision Reply

  3. That sketch is awesome! Great find.

    Katherine Reply

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