Candy Box 2: Sequel to the Text and Time-Based Accrual Game

Candybox 2
is out! I lost a ton of hours to the original, and I’m excited to play the sequel. So far, I’ve gotten some basic weapons/armor, and have (mostly) bested the riddles posted by the squirrel in the tree, at the edge of town.

What I love about this game is that it’s based in the browser, and time is a factor. At first, you have to wait for things to accrue (like candy, lollipops, and health). It’s a fun and weird mixture of silliness and text in an RPG format. The world looks a little larger than before, and so far seems just as addictive.

Candy Box: Addictive Text-Based Background Browser Game Involving Candies, Lollipops, and Talking Frogs
Interrupting Mr. Squirrel’s Dinner

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