New Locks, New Neighbors, New Home

On Sunday, we visited our new house (still getting used to saying that) with Bob and Julie. We got there a little ahead of time, and were unloading a few things when we happened to talk with some folks walking by.

Calvin and Diane, it turns out, were our new neighbors and only lived a few doors down. We fell to talking quite easily, and in a few moments were giving them a quick tour of our property. As we chatted about moving to the neighborhood, we ended up meeting a few other neighbors as well – and quickly became a small crowd of about 6-7 people standing along the sidewalk.

A little later on, we were invited to visit Calvin and Diane’s house just down the way, and they gave us a tour of their home. We talked more about the neighborhood, about home ownership, and even got an invite to hang out with them later in the week.

With each encounter and visit to Hyde Park, we find ourselves loving the area more and more. Having such a warm welcome was delightful, and really made us feel like we were becoming a part of the community.

Back at our place, we installed some new locks on the doors (something new to both me and Liz since we’ve always been homeowners). And now our place is even more officially ours. Funny to think of it, but these locks are the first thing we’ve done to the place – the first of many changes to come.

After walking around the rooms with Bob and Julie, we trekked down the street to Giordano’s for dinner. It’s a great and dangerous thing that we have a Giordano’s about a block away from our front door.

Today we made our first official trip to Home Depot for the house, and met some of our neighbors. Slowly but surely, we’re making our way to a new neighborhood, from apartment to home.

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  1. Love the slip here, Felix. I think you’re settling into this homeowner thing sooner than you think:

    “Back at our place, we installed some new locks on the doors (something new to both me and Liz since we’ve always been homeowners).”

    But the nicest thing is how you’re already getting to know your neighbors.

    Juliet Reply

    • Ha! Nice catch – totally didn’t even realize I did that!

      Meeting the neighbors was really a lovely moment. To be greeted so warmly out of the blue was a great feeling, and continued to affirm how warm and cordial people are in the area. Looking forward to being a part of the neighborhood.

      avoision Reply

  2. Your new neighbors are probably very relieved. The house next door to us is going up for sale in a week or two and we are crossing our fingers that no one annoying moves in. We’ve thought about buying it as a rental just so that we have control.

    Alex G. Reply

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