The Record Breaker: Fascinating Documentary on Ashrita Furman, the Man With the Most Guinness World Records

The Record Breaker is a look into the life (and obsession) of Ashrita Furman – the man who holds the most Guinness World Records of all time.

At first, Furman comes off as incredibly eccentric. The types of records he pursues are sometimes silly (catching the most malt balls in your mouth, as an example). But as you learn more about how he grew up, and how he chose to live his life… the pursuit of records begins to make a little more sense.

You could say that, in a way, I’m reliving my childhood. But I’ve been reliving my childhood for my entire life, practically, at this point.

In addition to the Guinness angle, the documentary also explores a bit about Furman’s personal life – particularly his estrangement from his father. And from the start, you kind of see things from his father’s perspective.

At first, Furman’s record-breaking seems really oddball. But gradually, the more you learn about him, the more these pursuits become rather endearing. He goes from crazy guy to crazy awesome guy over the course of the documentary, and it’s an enjoyable transition to experience.

It’s a lengthy doc, but well worth the time. I love films (and learning about people) like this. I don’t feel the course of my life altered dramatically, but I always get the sense that these little docs nudge it, ever so slightly.

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