The Wallings Jr.: On the Edge of Morning

A recent favorite group that I’ve found via Rdio is The Wallings Jr. Their latest album is entitled Before the War, and there are several songs that I’ve just been listening to, over and over. I take this as a good sign, as bands I fall for tend to move me into an obsessive listening loop for a few weeks.

There are a lot of religious references in their songs, which makes me wonder if they’re a Christian band or not. Or perhaps they just use a lot of Christian imagery, a la Page France. It seems the album was influenced by their time in Louisville and collections of Civil War letters. Perhaps the religious references stem from the letters and stories they happened across.

Really digging this album so far. You can check out all the songs online on bandcamp. Give a listen…

The Low Anthem: To Ohio
The Low Anthem: Ticket Taker

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