Cleaning the Basement, Part 2

Decked out in rain gear, as we were cleaning and painting the basement today.

Paint sprayer, rented from Home Depot (our new favorite store).

Bob, working on spraying the wood and floorboards. We’re holding off on the walls and floor, since we want to clean things with a power sprayer. But we’re going to have a plumber come in and install some floor drains, and then we can really give the place a proper cleaning.

It’s a huge difference to look at this basement, compared to a few days ago. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – we’d be lost without Bob, and all his time and expertise. Once we get the furnace back in place, he said we’ll be getting to “the fun stuff.”

Cleaning the Basement, Part 1

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  1. Man, I’m loving these home restoration updates! So awesome to see each step of the work you guys are putting in.

    Chris Reply

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