Painting the Bedroom Walls

Liz, putting primer on the bedroom walls.

Tonight, instead of working on the house, we focused on prepping our apartment. We still haven’t found new tenants, which is a good and bad thing: good in that we have someplace to stay that’s warm, while we work on the house; bad in that we’re double-paying for two locations, for the time being.

We spent the night adding a coat of primer on our dining room, bedroom, and office walls. Our landlord Paddy was nice enough to paint these rooms for us before we moved in… with the stipulation that we had to put on a coat of primer, prior to moving out.

With the holidays here in full swing, we’re figuring that the number of people looking to move is pretty low. We’re kind of resigned to the notion that we’ll be here through December (again, a good thing), and will likely pick up the search once more come January.

Re-Painting the Dining Room
Painting the Bedroom (2010)

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