Knitted Sweaters Photo Shoot at the Lincoln Park Conservatory, with Liz, Megan, and Michelle

Early Saturday morning, Liz and I headed over to the Lincoln Park Conservatory to do a quick photo shoot. But today’s session was to be a little different – instead of it just being Liz, we were meeting up with Meg and Michelle (and Michelle’s husband, Mike).

All three ladies have been meeting in a post-work knitting group, and all of them have been working on the same sweater project. Today, they decided it would be good to meet as a group, and do a group photo session.

Mike, taking some photos of the gals. L to R it’s Mike, Meg, Michelle and Liz.

With the first cold days of winter finally upon us, it was nice to be inside a greenhouse. In addition to the regular plants, there was a lot of festive holiday decoration, in every room.

And trains! I was genuinely surprised how excited I was to see small train sets in several spots. Definitely felt like a kid watching these things go round and round.

Liz, Meg, and Michelle – a little serious, a little silly.

A lovely water sculpture that caught my eye.

Michelle decided to have me and Mike pose for a photo, which I was not expecting. I was pretty grungy, as we were planning on heading to the house to do some work (and I was in my work clothes). I shot this picture of them with the camera at my hip, and got lucky.

Some vines near the main atrium. I’ve played enough Half Life 2 that, on seeing these guys, I hesitated ever so slightly.

Fun morning, though we all met for photos and then quickly went our separate ways (Michelle and Mike also just recently bought a home, and were heading to do work as well). Next time though, perhaps a late brunch with drinks is in order.

I’ve held off on posting most of the photos, but there should be plenty over on the girls’ blogs. Swing by, and I’m sure you can find more photos (and more knitting details) there.

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  1. Mike said the same thing about brunch! We should all get together again soon to make-up for slow decision making on Sunday. :-D

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