Xmas in Georgia, Part 2

On Saturday, we spent the day at Kirt and Anne’s house, opening gifts and doing our traditional early Christmas in Georgia. We had a bit of a slow start in the morning, but ended up arriving around 11 AM.

I had worries that all the kids would be unable to contain their excitement, but everyone was super well-behaved. Even with the late start.

Jackson, with one of his super big gifts. Check out the excitement on that kid’s face!

Tricia, helping Paige open one of her gifts. Sebastian and Augrey, looking on.

Sebastian: another excited boy with his gift.

Jackson, proud recipient of a new OfficeMax folding table. Confusion has set in.

Just kidding – in fact, it’s an awesome bow and arrow set!

Isabelle, opening up some accessories for one of her American Girl dolls.

Audrey, quietly contemplating the cash register toy she received.

A few hours later, I’d experience my favorite moment of our entire trip. Hanging out with Isabelle, Audrey, and Paige downstairs… I watched as they developed their own “business” where all three were employees at some kind of tea and lemonade store.

There was a lot of yelling, and a great deal of urgency around needing/getting money. It was a kind of perpetual high pressure situation, and it was just a blast to observe. That is, until I got accused of taking money from their business.

Sebastian with his new boots. He really, really wanted cowboy boots.

Anne and Audrey, with her new skirt.

Dr. Sebastian Ford. I’m not sure what it is about him in this picture, but he just seems smarter.

More gifts being passed around…

Jackson and Isabelle, opening their gifts. When I stop to really look at these two, I’m awed at just how much they’ve grown.

Nothing says awesome Christmas gift like a Hoth-themed blanket, complete with two At-Ats.

Sometimes, the gift opening was fast and furious.

Liz, helping Audrey with her Play-Doh castle.

One of the more awesome presents we received was a series of hand-made gifts from Paige.

A lovely leaf ornament, pressed and glazed, and ready to hang up.

And on the back – the artist’s signature.

One of Anne’s gifts was a bicycle bell. Shortly after opening it, Kirt led her to the deck where her new bike was sitting – complete with a silver bow.

One great gift that the Fords got was a Karaoke set. Shortly after it was plugged in, all the kids began taking turns singing songs. As you can probably imagine, it was both awesome and incessant for the remainder of the day:

Kirt with Jackson, getting some practice with the new bow and arrow.

Kirt, showing off the proper form. A few moments after this photo was taken, Jackson turned to his father and said “Can I get a crossbow?”

I think like me, Jackson got into archery as part of a Boy Scout experience. I loved it as a kid, and I still think of picking it up again, from time to time.

Liz and me.

The Fords – L to R it’s Sebastian, Darryl, Paige, Tricia, and Audrey.

The Holders: L to R it’s Isabelle, Anne, Kirt, and Jackson.

The kids, posing calmly for the camera.

Things start to go a little south…

The art directors begin to lose control of the talent.

The choreography begins to break down.

Full anarchy and chaos…

Merry Christmas everyone!

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