Mistakes Were Made

We’re staying with my in-laws for a few days, and early in the morning… I decided to make myself a cup of coffee. I’d seen their Keurig machine in action before (put in a capsule, pull down the lid, press a button), so I was confident that I could master such a simple task.

What I failed to do was to put the capsule inside a special receptacle (which would puncture the bottom, allowing the hot water to flow over the grounds, through the capsule, and into my cup). So what ended up happening instead was that a hole was made in the top of the capsule only… and hot water simply rushed over the capsule, spilling out pretty much everywhere.

So as my mug started filling up with hot water (see above), sprays of overflowing hot water started to spurt out. I did a very interesting side to side dance as I tried to turn off the machine (unsuccessfully), and then gave up and ran to the kitchen to get a towel to at least capture the growing mess.

Needless to say, by the time I got around to (correctly) making myself a (second) cup of coffee, I was pretty awake already.

Spilling the (Coffee) Beans

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  1. Oh, Felix! I’ve done the same thing. ;o)

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