The Heat is On!

After cleaning the basement out, we’re slowly filling it up again. It’s a bit ahrd to see, but behind the hand truck is Bob’s hand brake (the large base is actually lighter than it looks, and the smaller brake is actually much heavier than it looks).

Bob, working on getting the furnace up and running.

Much of our vents on the first floor were taped over, during the painting process.

And tonight, it felt really good to be able to rip those covers off – to allow the heat to rise up from the basement.

Bob, bringer of heat!

And here is the most wonderful sound I’ve heard in a long while:

Prior to today, we’ve been running individual heaters in the kitchen and bathrooms. With the temperatures sometimes dipping into the single digits and no heat, we needed these in place to prevent our pipes from freezing. We even went so far as to throw in some antifreeze, anticipating some really cold days ahead.

But with the furnace operational now, we can do away with all that. There’s no ductwork in place yet, so we’re running the furance “wild” – and just letting it loose. The heat will eventually rise up from the basement, and warm the first and second floors. We’re keeping a low heater in the upstairs bathroom, just to be safe.

All of this is happening just in the nick of time, as the weather is definitely looking to take a turn next week. It will be nice to not have to layer up, from here on out, whenever we work on the house!

I’ve said it before, and will likely keep saying this forever – we’d be lost without Bob.


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