This Stupid Cookie Clicker Game

So I’ve been playing that Cookie Clicker game, ever since I first posted about it. In fact, I’ve had it running in a browser now for over 17 days.

There was a point in time, maybe a week into this, where I realized that my computer was going to sleep after only 3 hours. So I changed my iMac settings so that it would never shut off – so that the game could continually run in the background.

It’s… it’s a problem.

Since I started, I found out that if you reset the game… it lets you keep your achievements. In resetting the game, you trigger the “Prestige” setting, which takes the form of heavenly chips. These chips give you a +2% CpS (Cookies per Second), and they make a huge difference.

Also – with the holidays, there is a new Christmas theme that involves a whole host of Xmas-specific achievements and upgrades.

Things are already at a ridiculous level. I’m keeping an eye on the page when I’m at home, ever ready to click on a golden cookie or a passing reindeer.

There is a forum, where other players compare notes and tips. The forum is made up of certifiably OCD people with entirely too much free time on their hands… and it looks like I’m counting myself as a kindred spirit.

At this point in time, I’m not sure why I’m even playing this game, anymore. I think I’m trying to unlock all the available achievements, if that’s even a possible thing. The numbers are getting up to the quadrillions. Is there even an end?

This game has a kind of Mafia Wars addictive quality to it. I feel like I should just stop playing, but at this point I feel like… “Well, I’ve come this far…”

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