Pouring Concrete for the Furnace Platform

On Sunday, Bob and Julie both came by the house and offered more of their time and assistance. While Julie and Liz worked on stripping the paint from the windows and doors… Bob and I focused on the concrete. I say Bob and I, but again… this was another task where I helped where I could, and mostly stood on the sidelines.

Bob, with the many bags of cement we needed. Each one of these guys is around 80lbs, and lots of fun to lift/load.

We ended up moving Bob’s cement mixer into the basement, and set up shop near the sink.

Once more, I cannot emphasize how lucky we are that Bob not only has the experience, but also has the very equipment we often need. And of course he has his own cement mixer.

Bob, mixing up the concrete. In its final form, it looks a lot like super chunky oatmeal

Bob, spreading out the cement for where the furnace will ultimately be placed. Interesting note: During this process, you need to use a coat hanger (or something similar) to “pull up” the rebar so that additional concrete doesn’t push the rebar all the way to the bottom.

Liz and Julie peeking down from the first floor, into the basement. This area is in the dining room, and pretty much directly above where the furnace will be going.

Julie, who is still recovering from her foot surgery, came over and helped out for hours. Despite her still not being able to walk comfortably, she worked with Liz on a lot of the trim.

There was some extra concrete, but not enough time to get the second platform poured. So we ended up putting the extra as a kind of placeholder… for when we return.

As a note – instead of spreading it out evenly, Bob left small piles. In this way we could set the rebar in, and wouldn’t need to pull it up halfway through the process, to ensure that it stays off the floor.

Here’s one part of the evening where I was a little more helpful – I got to get a little more experience tying rebar. During the earlier part of the day, I did a lot of footwork – I loaded up and moved a few cement bags. I went on a food run, and did a gopher run to find a trowel at the nearby Ace Hardware. But for much of the concrete laying process, it was all Bob.

The final few passes, and we let the cement set. Liz tried (a few times) to write in the cement, but it was still too wet to really take. It seems that cement takes about a day to fully set, and Bob thinks there’s a chance we might still be able to write in it come tomorrow night. Guess we’ll wait and see…

Setting Up a Concrete Platform for the Furnace and Water Heater
The Heat is On!

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