CTA Blue Line Trains Without Power at Logan Square

This morning, on our way to work, Liz and I ran into a delay on the Blue Line. Normally, these aren’t any big deal (delays happen all the time, and the lines usually pick up fairly quickly). But today was different. In addition to the platform being packed, both the North and South-bound trains were sitting at the Logan Square stop… and both trains looked to be completely devoid of power.

There were some commuters content to wait on the platform, while others were fine being seated in the semi-darkness on the train. It reminded me a little bit of the night where I rode the Blue Line in complete darkness. It was a little like that, but there were a few lights still active right near the doors/maps.

For a good 10 minutes, no one really knew what the situation was. I tried looking on Twitter for info, but everyone else had their phones out… so cellular service was pretty shot. Eventually, someone came on the speakers and said that the trains were delayed, power was shut off, and it was due to an “unauthorized person on the tracks” somewhere near Milwaukee and Spaulding.

Later reports suggested that perhaps a homeless person was on the tracks somewhere. As we were waiting on the platform, I saw three firemen walk by towards the Northern end of the platform.

A few minutes later, additional firemen and medics walked by (one person had a ladder). I don’t really know much of what happened after this, as Liz and I decided we would just wait on the train until things got moving again.

Here’s the interior of the train – dark, but not quite the pitch black experience I had, a few years ago.

After about thirty minutes, someone on the loud speakers said “Step away from the doors please,” and it was an incredibly Pavlovian moment. On hearing this phrase, nearly everyone on the platform immediately shifted into the trains. Soon ofter, power returned and the trains started to resume their routes.

I haven’t really looked up the details on what happened. I’ve heard rumors today that someone killed themselves by jumping on the tracks, and I also heard that someone pulled the emergency cord prior to the Logan Square station… and simply exited the train. I don’t know that either scenario is a good one, but hopefully it was the latter.

Edit: Looks like the guy is ok.

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