Everyblock is Back!

, the hyper-local website that focused on neighborhood activity, is back! I was using the site a good deal prior to it closing down, and didn’t realize how much I missed it when NBC shuttered the site over a year ago.

For those not familiar with Everyblock, the site lets you follow a certain block, neighborhood, or ward. By customizing the different areas you want to focus on and watch, the site then fills your timeline with all sorts of information: crime reports, local events, business reviews.

Additionally, you (or your neighbors) can post to the site, tagging their photos or stories to a specific neighborhood or block. An interesting example of this is a recent post I saw in Hyde Park, where one resident was upset by a local business that hadn’t cleared the snow/ice off of its sidewalk. The resident had attempted to contact the alderman, and was looking for suggestions/help on how to put pressure on the business to clear the walkway.

It’s amazing how specific and granular most of the content is. This type of thing isn’t of any interest to anyone outside the neighborhood, but to me? I absolutely want to hear about this because I walk by the business perhaps, or because I have an elderly neighbor I’m concerned about.

When Tus went missing on the South Side, I posted photos and a request for help on Everyblock, targeting the areas where she was last seen. Though it didn’t help directly in her recovering, having the ability to do that kind of targeted post – where residents watching those blocks would have seen my message – is immensely useful.

Really happy to see the site has been revived by Comcast. For all the negativity I associate with their brand and all the horror stories I’ve heard about their customer service, this one act has garnered them a bit more good will from me.

Welcome back, Everyblock. So nice to see you around these parts, again.

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