Extending a Gas Line to the Second Floor

Before we put in new duct work in the basement, we needed to run up a gas line (and other things) up from the basement to the second floor. On Saturday, Bob used a sawzall to dig more into the joists in the basement… to determine a clear path upwards. As he was cutting, he found a lot of debris that had fallen into the floorboards.

This image is of a visitor scorecard for an old Cubs game. Note that the Cubs are playing the Boston Braves (note: the Braves moved to Milwaukee in 1953).

Focusing on Frankie Frisch, Bob was able to determine that the scorecard dated to around 1951.

A bit later, Bob found this amazingly intact program for a 1949 Chicago Cubs game. Sadly, it’s just the exterior/cover… but the colors still look pretty great!

Upstairs, Bob cut away at the floor joists. He ended up sawing away a good deal of wood (to the point where the entirety of the sawzall was below the floor), just to make enough space for the pipes coming up.

As he was loosening some of the old ductwork, it dropped straight down to the basement. The ductwork here was actually doubled up (one inside the other), due to the heat being originally coal-based and very hot. Doubling the ductwork was apparently a safety measure.

Bob also came across a small french coin while digging upstairs.

With the old program, I was imagining the length of time that transpired between when it was lost in the house and when we discovered it. With the coin… I was awed at both the time and distance it must have traveled, before we encountered it.

While outside helping load up a few things in Bob’s car, I looked into the side window and saw Liz, hard at work stripping paint off the window trim.

One thing I really want to record here: working with a long 10-foot pipe and extending the gas line to the second floor? It was a great feeling. We’ve been focusing on the basement for so long now, having actual work take place in the upper part of the house was a great change of pace.

Even though we’re very far away from the upstairs being habitable… having this new line stubbed out felt a bit like a promise being made. It felt really good to be working on a newer portion of the house, and I guess I just wanted to record this feeling, for the future.

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  1. Love that old scorecard! Focusing on Frankie Frisch to narrow down the years was a good first step. Taking it to the next step and focusing on the pitcher, Hacker, makes it pretty easy to find the exact date of the game. It was August 7, 1949, the second game of a doubleheader.


    It’s possible the 1949 program was from the same day as the scorecard.

    Matt Reply

    • Awesome sleuthing Matt! Love that you were able to pin-point the date!

      avoision Reply

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