Two Poems for Valentine’s Day

Once upon a time, I used to write poems. It feels like an age and a day since I’ve done any real writing (blogging doesn’t count, at least not the kind of blogging I do). I’m talking writing writing. It feels like a long time, and that’s because it has been a long time.

I realized today that I’ve actually got two older poems, both related to Valentine’s Day. Strange that I’ve forgotten something like that, and the discovery of it is actually… a little sad, and a little exciting a the same time.

Here they are: Babysitting, Valentine’s Day and The Atomic Theory of Valentines.

If you like these, I invite you to browse around my writing section. I’ve got numerous poems and one nonfiction essay (entitled Felix + Dzintra + Queensrÿche) – all of them shared under a Creative Commons license.

[CC photo via Christy Nelson]

Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt
Valentine’s Day Dinner with Liz’s Parents
Valentine’s Day Dinner

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