Felix Jung, 20×2 Chicago: How Could You?

Last September, I asked folks to tell me about friendship and betrayal, using just one sentence. It was an anonymous form, and I got a good number of submissions from all over (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

I was collecting these sentences for an event called 20×2, an event where 20 people are tasked with answering a question in two minutes or less. I was invited to participate in the inaugural Chicago event, where our prompt was: How Could You?

In addition to the online form, I also spent the better part of two weeks hanging out by Millenium Park during my lunch breaks, interviewing random strangers who were kind enough to answer my questions. For both the online form and the in-person interviews I asked people the same two questions:

1) What’s the worst way you’ve betrayed a close friend?
2) How could you do such a thing?

In hanging out by the park, I have to tell you… I had a blast. It was a quick hour, but it was amazingly energizing. I’m not someone who’s overly extroverted – but I had to be much more outgoing when trying to interview strangers. The conversations I had, the stories I heard… they were fantastic and varied and delightful.

After I had gathered a large number of submissions, I gathered up my favorite answers into a short list. Here’s what I came up with (my bit starts at 6:51):

I was very fortunate to join 19 other incredibly talented folks. I did a brief recap of the event, but if you want to see the whole thing for yourself… it’s posted up on YouTube:

Part 1 | Part 2.

Oh, and I almost forgot! They’re currently looking for participants for the next 20×2 Chicago! If you’re interested, contact @20x2Chi.

[CC photo via charamelody]

20×2 Chicago: How Could You?
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