Introduction to the Wolfram Language

This video shows Stephen Wolfram providing an introduction to his Wolfram Langauge, and it’s jaw-droppingly amazing.

There’s so much packed into this thing, it’s absolutely mind-boggling: natural language, symbolic references, visualizations built-in. It’s a long video, but very worthwhile watching.

Just when you think it’s over, there’s another “oh yeah, it can do this too” example. Just craziness.

[via @raedances]

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of interesting articles and demos and talk about this language … but *only* self-promotional stuff from Wolfram, for some reason. The language looks amazing, so why isn’t everyone using it and celebrating it the way you see for other analytically-oriented languages like R, Scala, and Python? Especially in the fields of big data and predictive analytics? Is it even a language in the same way?

    That buzz and ballyhoo may be happening for the Wolfram language–maybe in academic and math circles, for example. But as a coder that has to make choices for how I spend my time, I think first about what makes a language great and useful: modularity, elegance, expressiveness, composability.

    Here, I see a maximal spread of named functions. It makes me curious, but wary.

    Justin Reply

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