Adding Support to a Floor Joist in the Basement

Sunday had me and Bob working on the basement some more. We did a lot of sweeping and picking up, near the furnace and water heater – so much so that the area felt like new to me again. We’ve been working in a tight space for so long, I’ve forgotten what it’s felt like to have room to move around.

One of the floor joists was cut by the prior owner, and it was kind of just hanging there – not really providing much support at all, and leaving the other nearby joist to take on a majority of the weight. As a result, the floor was bowing a little bit.

We took out the loose joist, and then Bob measured up two additional boards (which we would lag and bolt through the remaining board, as support).

Sizing things out, and notching the corners so that the boards will fit.

Clamping the boards in place, and tightening up the nuts on each bolt (nine total, down the length of the wood).

Our support here is definitely improved, and we adjusted the floor a bit. But according to Bob, we’ve got other areas that we need to shore up as well.

But those points can wait. For now, this was the last big step before Bob could begin on the ductwork, which is next up on the list.

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  1. My dad loves lag screws! Super useful.

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