I Sing the Praises of the Chicago Loop Express DMV

On my lunch break last week, I went to get my license renewed. I decided to hit up the nearby express DMV, which I’ve had good success with in the past, and a place that everyone loves for its speed.

Though I know the rumors of how good they are there, I always convince myself it’ll be different this time. But let me tell you what: this place is fantastic!

When I got into line, I pulled out my phone and started a timer. I answered a few questions, took a quick vision exam, paid for my license renewal, got my photo taken, and was handed a new license… all within 11 minutes and 41 seconds. I was super impressed, at both the speed and the courtesy exhibited by everyone I encountered there.

None of the employees at this magical location were rude or put off by extra questions, everyone moved quickly and efficiently, and it was just fantastic. As I left with my new license, I wanted to shout out to everyone how much I appreciated their work – but felt like they’d look at me like a crazy person.

Small reminder: the state of Illinois doesn’t take VISA cards. But they’ll take every other credit card, along with cash and checks.

// Edit: An interesting thing I’ve noticed with my license is that it lists my city as CHCIAGO, instead of CHICAGO. I saw this a few versions ago… and presume it’s due to some kind of typo that existed at one specific DMV location. And with subsequent renewals, this error has just continued along.

I’m really curious if anyone else out there has this same typo. I’m guessing yes, since the original must have been some kind of template, and likely got used repeatedly until someone noticed. That is… hopefully, someone noticed and corrected it.

I need to remember to ask more people about their licenses – so far, I’m the only one. But surely, there are others?

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