Filling the Bagster, Beginning Work on the Kitchen

I spent most of the day at the house moving a lot of our trash from the porch to the Bagster bag on the driveway. I’m slightly nervous about the needed clearance, as the website says that there needs to be 5′ on either side of the bag – which as of today, there is. But cars park close to our driveway on the street, and there’s no easy way for me to control how other people park.

The cause for concern is that if the driver refuses to pick up the bag… we get charged for a missed collection. And on top of that, all that trash is on us to remove ourselves.

I went so far as to call customer support a few times, and even sent in photos of the driveway to ensure that a pickup would work. I think it’ll be fine, as I’ve seen videos online of pickups that look to be worse, situationally, than my setup.

Collection time has a window of three days, which is unfortunate in that this thing is blocking our driveway until it’s picked up. Hopefully, they’ll come and get it soon.

With a lot of the debris out of the house, I started to work on the kitchen a bit. First up – getting rid of the makeshift pantry in the corner. I removed the bottom doors, and when I got to the doors up top… I found it stuffed full of a lot of junk. A lot of old junk.

And sure – a 1 pound can of ether. When I first saw this, I thought Wow, these people liked to party. But apparently, I was wrong on that score. Bob told me that this was used for starting cars.

An odd device that seems to be something you would use to view a solar eclipse. Also, a bag full of old kitchen glasses.

We found an assortment of older stuff, most of which we trashed. We did find two of these slide things, which look like they might be used for prints of some kind. I’m angling one of them in my hand towards the camera, but it’s barely visible when looking straight on. They’re not ink stamps, but much finer than that – and almost have a hologram like feel.

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