Clearing Space, Cleaning Up

Spent a lot of yesterday, moving between rooms. The first part my morning involved cleaning up the old kitchen pantry, and removing shelves.

Then I took out the remaining cabinet doors (at the very top).

Moved a lot of the remaining junk from the upstairs office, down to the first floor. Seriously debating getting another Bagster, if this first one goes well. They didn’t show up yesterday, but I got a note that they’ll be showing up today.

This photo is a small note for myself. I used the hand saw today on my own, and cut down some larger wood pieces to make them a little easier to handle. Nothing tricky or crazy, but since I still have all my fingers… let’s put this one in the ‘win’ column.

The cleared and dirty office floor. This will be our overflow room, for when we move in (which is happening really, really, ridiculously soon).

Spent a long time with the Shop Vac, trying to clean up the place. It’s still dusty, but much better than it was.

Finished out the evening watching Bob continue his work on the furnace. All the pieces went in tonight, and it happened in pretty short order. Bob compared it to cooking all day, and then when you sit down to eat… it’s all over in 30 minutes.

In talking with him, I could tell how truly proud Bob was with the work he had done. And it was just impressive to see everything sliding into place, with very little adjustments.

New Ductwork Begins

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