Working with Justin in the Kitchen

On Saturday, Justin was kind enough to wake up early and accompany me to the house for a bit of work in the kitchen. We got to the house around 11AM (Bob had already been here since 7AM), and after a brief tour… settled in to some dusty work.

While demo-ing the walls was pretty fast, moving to the ceiling proved to be a much harder endeavor. Most of the plaster is adhered to a steel mesh, and it doesn’t come off nearly as quickly or as easily.

We used the scaffold to get ourselves closer to the ceiling, but it was tough work – lots of pounding, and just very labor intensive, and very slow.

By the end of the day, we cleared a lot of the Southern wall.

And also made some great progress on the ceiling.

It was amazing to me how much we got done, when there were two of us going at it. We accomplished a lot, and much faster compared to me going it alone, wall by wall. Justin, Bob and I were also able to settle in for a beer at the end of the evening, which was a nice way to wind down from the day.

Justin was an immense help, and it was great to have his company and assistance all throughout a Saturday (when he could literally have been doing anything else but this). Good times…

More Work in the Kitchen

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