Bagster, Round 2

I used a Bagster for a lot of trash/debris earlier in the week, and it went really well! After scheduling a collection, I was told that there would be a 3 day window where the bag would be picked up. On the second day, I got an email letting me know that the bag would be picked up within 24 hours.

Later that morning, around 9:30 AM, I got a confirmation email that the bag had been collected! I wish I could have been there to witness (and record) the actual pickup, but they beat me to it.

Today, I worked on filling a second bag (with a collection scheduled for Monday). If all goes well, the bag will be picked up in the next few days, and will be gone in time for our official move.

A lot of what’s in this round is stuff we found from the basement, when we first cleaned the basement – really old screen doors, windows, a lot of junk that had been removed from the house but piled up in the backyard. Also, a lot of the demo work with Justin is in here as well.

I have to say – trying to stuff enough debris and trash in this guy was like a horrible, horrible game of Tetris. I kept trying to minimize gaps wherever I could, since any free space was just emptiness I was paying for. I got a pretty good amount this time around (though it did take me until around 8PM to fully finish loading it up).

I have to say, the Bagster service is really quite convenient. It’s a bit pricey, but it’s just nice to be able to stack up all the junk you need to throw away… and have it magically hauled away in fairly short order.

Filling the Bagster, Beginning Work on the Kitchen

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