Visiting Old Haunts with Justin

Spent one night last week hanging out with Justin, hitting a few old bars from back in the day. We met up at Rainbo, and it was early enough to where we were only among a few of the folks in the place.

The inside is just fantastic. Given the emptiness (and earliness of the night), it felt like we were walking back into old memories. I’m hoping the place still gets busy later in the evenings, but for our visit… it felt like we had the place to ourselves.

On our way to Clubfoot, we passed by the angel installation along Augusta that I’ve seen here now for many a year.

Closeup angel shot. I think this belongs to the same artist who has the Shit Fountain set up nearby.

Clubfoot was pretty empty when we walked in, though there was a slight trickle of folks later on. For a good while, we just sat and chatted with the bartender (someone Justin knew better than I did, due to his days as a DJ here).

It’s been a while since I’ve come to either of these two bars, and part of me was happy to see that they were mostly still unchanged. It’s hard to realize that it’ll likely be a while since I’ll next step foot inside either place, with the upcoming move to Hyde Park and all.

A fun night visiting old haunts with an old friend talking, mostly, about the future.

Rainbow (2002)
Rainbo Club (2004)
Drinks. Clubfoot. Pool
Clubfoot (2004)

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