First Home, First Day

After our first night at the house (it took us forever to set up our bed)… Liz and I went out to run a few errands. After a stop at Target for some basics, we also got ourselves a brand new “Welcome” mat.

Though we had a lot to get done, we spent most of our day sleeping. We got a few movies at Target, and ended up just watching them in bed.

Note: given the “in-progress” state of our house, our bedroom is currently in the living room. And our kitchen is currently in our dining room. And all our boxes are tucked away upstairs in our main office.

But – the nice thing about our makeshift bedroom is that our TV is also in the same room as the bed. I’ve been pushing for a TV in the bedroom for ages now, but always got voted down by Liz. Now, in a most fortunate confluence of luck and severe inconvenience… my dream is finally coming true.

And I have to say… watching TV in bed is as fantastic as I imagined it would be.

During the early evening, I hear a knock on the front door. I ended up being greeted by our neighbor Bernie, who stopped by to give us a card and to welcome us officially to the neighborhood. His wife, Carol Jean, also baked us some bread.

I’ve had the good fortune to meet several neighbors so far, and everyone’s been really pleasant. Getting a card and a bit of bread was a lovely surprise, and really made us feel like new homeowners. Great way to end a first day.

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