First Family Dinner

While we’re working on getting the kitchen in order, we moved a few things into the dining room temporarily. To avoid mix-ups, Liz and I have taken to calling the dining room The Kitchen, and calling the kitchen The War Zone.

Though it was a really gross mess, we carted the refrigerator over and began cleaning it top to bottom. With a bit of elbow grease (and a whole lot of cleaning spray), it got to resemble a pretty decent and clean looking fridge once more!

Julie was kind enough to bring over some home made food for us, which we re-heated in our microwave for dinner. She’d been working on prepping food for us the past day or so, and it was absolutely delicious.

After so many days of take-out and fast food, having real food was a treat. We had a bottle of wine within reach, and also got to sample some of the bread that we got from our neighbor, Bernie.

And for the record – I had forgotten the last time I had wine in a plastic cup. It somehow tastes better.

Our makeshift combo kitchen/dining room. Our pantry shelf is currently on a rack (directly behind Bob).

Our first home-cooked, family dinner at the house… thanks to Julie and our little microwave.

Working with Justin in the Kitchen

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