Ceilings, Walls, and Hot Water

Spent the day working on the kitchen. Got rid of more of the ceiling…

I took a bath in this stuff.

Late in the afternoon, Bob stopped by and handed me a beer. I can’t tell you how fantastic this tasted.

Liz and Julie spent the day working on the main room (it’s kind of a large hall, connecting the living room and the dining room). This time around, they decided to remove the wallpaper first, before tackling the woodwork, since the wallpaper removal process involves a lot of water and steam… and the existing paint over the woodwork would protect it in the interim.

This looked like a messy and cumbersome effort – Liz emerged at the end of the day with bandaids on several fingers.

One great bit of news – around 7:30PM, Bob got the hot water going again on our house! We all were testing out the water in the sink, and got really excited when we could feel it getting a little tepid.

Late in the evening, Liz and I were able to take our first shower at the house. After going a long while without hot water… it felt incredibly luxurious. It’s something you take for granted, but when you don’t have access to hot water… you start realizing how important it is in your day to day.

No more washing dishes in icy cold water – but best of all, we get to take hot showers once more!

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