Goodbye Logan Square

Last night Liz and I returned to the apartment for one final walkthrough, and to leave our keys. It was a quiet and somber experience, as we were both reflecting on how much we loved Logan Square (and our apartment there).

It’s strange to think that we first moved to Logan Square some eight years ago, and found this apartment nearly four years ago – with its famous tree and all.

It’s tough leaving – really, really tough. There are so many great things about the neighborhood that are hard to leave – New Wave Coffee, the Logan Square Farmers’ Market, all the great restaurants within walking distance of the El… and of course the boulevard itself.

The apartment looked spacious and gorgeous in the daylight, with every room open and empty. But at night, the whole place felt lonely.

As we were standing in the vestibule, Liz was thinking about how she would have no new memories of Baxter in our new home.

We’ve had many years and many memories in the neighborhood, and in this old apartment. On the drive to Hyde Park, we mostly kept silent. Perhaps it was due to us realizing that were were shifting from north siders to south siders. Or perhaps it was due to the fact that the sadness of leaving always feels a little heavier than the newness of beginning.

As we drove through the city, the lights and buildings of downtown Chicago grew larger, eventually enveloping us… only to slowly fall away we curved around to Lake Shore Drive. Heading home for the first time.

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  1. Bon voyage! You will be missed around these ‘ol streets. Won’t be long before I’m even FARTHER south than you are now. Very excited to get out to see your place soon!

    Chris Reply

    • Looking forward to seeing your guys’ new place as well. I know we’ll be back, but it’s different to know we’ll be returning as visitors and not residents. We still like our Sunday ritual of going to Lula’s for breakfast, and may not be able to break that habit anytime soon…

      avoision Reply

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