Congitive Lode: Succinct Tidbits on Consumer Behavior, Psychology, and Bias

Cognitive Lode
is a beautiful and simple site, focusing on what it calls “brain gems for decision makers.” It’s a small listing of some really interesting terms like
the Von Restorff Effect (items that stand out from their peers are more memorable) and Round Pricing Preference (our perception that round numbers are more trustworthy and represent higher quality).

It’s a lovely site, and fun to read through. And if you’re wanting more information that what each snippet offers, each description also contains a few links to further reading.

Spotted this site early in the AM, and have watched it blow up as the day’s progressed. I think they had some server load issues with all the interest today, but things seem to have settled down by now. If you’re having trouble viewing the site – definitely make it a point to swing back. Well worth checking out.

[via @LeaVerou]

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