MSI Nearby: A Sudden Realization that the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry is Much Closer to Our House Than We Suspected

This morning, Liz and I decided to walk over to the 55th street Metra stop (we’ve been going go the 53rd street stop, previously). In trying to find an optimal time for taking the Metra Electric line, we realized that the 55th street station had a few more trains than the 53rd.

Both stations are about the same distance from our new house, and though we walked home from here yesterday… neither one of us realized how truly close we were to the Museum of Science and Industry!

I mean… we had a sense we were close, but we had no idea. On glancing over, it just seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Ah man. A few years ago, I came really, really close to almost living (literally) at the museum, for an entire month! But – since living inside the museum is now pretty much off the table, I guess living nearby will have to suffice.

What a lovely little surprise this morning, on walking up to the Metra platform. Looking forward to more exploring and discoveries, in the coming weeks and months.

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