Train Graffiti

From time to time, there are large freight trains that kind of just “sit” at the 53rd street Metra stop. I don’t know if they’re paused here momentarily, but on occasion they seem to be here for a few hours (in my mind, the driver’s thrown on some blinkers, and has stopped off for lunch somewhere nearby).

Whatever the reason, when the cars are stationary I can sometimes get a better glimpse at some of the graffiti adorning the sides.

I would love to know the backstory behind this. Double slammers, no less:

I am a survivor!! I am a vampire killer!!

I’ve seen this warning on a few cars now. What seems to stand out is the description of “clean, soft-soled shoes.” It seems really precise, but I guess if you’re dealing with chemicals or whatnot… that kind of thing matters?

It would be very interesting to see how these cars are ultimately cleaned.

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