A New Old Bird Bath

With the weather so nice this weekend, Bob, Julie, Liz and I all spent a good deal of time outside while we were working on the house. Bob helped patch some holes in our roof and cleared out a heft amount of excess/old wire from the side of the house. Julie, Liz, and I all took breaks from our respective tasks and hung out in the back yard throughout the day.

As we were discussing things we could do with the yard (probably next year), we decided to take an old bird bath and place it back in the yard. There’s a small bit of cement in the middle of the yard, where it possibly may have resided before we moved in.

So far, we’ve noticed a very bold robin in the backyard, a lot of sparrows, and a family of four large crows in the area. No parakeets yet, but maybe now that there’s some water… they might stop by?

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